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The Peacock Inn is a beautiful 14th century half-timber grade II listed hostelry. According to analysis of its wood carvings, it is one of the oldest buildings in the picturesque village of Chelsworth. The earliest record of the pub indicates that George Gage launched it. He was the village grocer & beer housekeeper and the inn takes its name from Mary Peacock who married George Gage in the mid-18th Century. The front Eastern half of the inn was a village shop until 1977.

The village of Chelsworth has changed little over the centuries, with a wealth of historic, medieval timer-framed buildings, ancient humpback bridge across the River Brett, built in 1754, water meadows and mature trees it is often described as one of the prettiest villages in England and is classed as a conservation area.


Julian Tennyson – great grandson of Queen Victoria’s Poet Laureate – said of the village:

“I have a perfect village of my own finding, which I pride myself is quite unknown. It is Chelsworth … It lies completely hidden in a little valley. Its cottages are irregular, very well kept and finely timbered. It borders a stream, a quiet ready stream, whose banks are lined with rich and gigantic trees. I can’t tell you why I think it is perfect. Perhaps it is because Chelsworth has been left to itself.”

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